Social Bookmarking and Networking Site Social Bookmarking and Networking Site

Friendlane is a social bookmarking site was launched on March 21st 2010 to facilitate information sharing among users. It allows user to submit an article or link to article from the web that will be reviewed by other users and will be promoted, based on popularity. (More users approve the article more it stands out)

With an ever-growing support of contributors and users of the site, Friendlane seeks to improve, update and add new features to enhance the usability of the site and make site more and more relevant among millions of sites on the web. Objective of the site is to be feature rich while remaining family friendly and provide useful information to users of all age groups. This is just the beginning and Friendlane is working on adding more and more useful features on the site in days ahead.

Success of such Social Bookmarking site mainly depends on contributing users. To thank contributors Friendlane will introduce Share, Promote and Profit theme that rewards user for participating in Friendlane. Social Bookmarking and Networking Site