How to build your own 135TB RAID6 storage pod for $7,384

Backblaze, one of the last remaining reasonably-priced cloud-based backup solutions, has revealed how it provides storage so cheaply: instead of using commercial hard drive enclosures, Backblaze makes its own. Last year it showed us the first Backblaze Storage Pod — 67TB for a build price of $7,867 — and now it has developed the Storage Pod 2.0, which uses Hitachi’s new 3TB drives to create a 135TB RAID6 storage array for just $7,384.

For a start, bear in mind that building your own 135TB array isn’t exactly easy: you’re going to have to wire together 45 hard drives — and you’ll need a case to put them in (Backblaze uses an $875 custom case (ZIP) from Protocase). You’ll only need one motherboard, an Intel i3 540 CPU, and 8GB of RAM — but you’ll also need three PCIe 4-port SATA II cards, nine port multiplier backplanes, and two (!) 760W power supplies to provide the juice. You’ll obviously need lots of little bits, too, like fans, SATA cables, screws, and so on. For a complete list of the components, scroll down to Appendix A in Backblaze’s blog post. You might want to build the Storage Pod in situ as it will weigh no less than 143lbs (64kg) when complete.
How to build your own 135TB RAID6 storage pod for $7,384